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Finding a write crypto exchange for you, can be a daunting task however there is one which has a pretty stellar record and that exchange would be Gemini Exchange. Now this is the one that has been always used to snap a few altcoins, Hence Gemini is really all it’s chalked up to be. Well that’s exactly what you are going to provide an ultimate guide to Gemini. You will get to know everything about Gemini.
Take a look towards Gemini Exchange

To get things started let's take a bit of overview of Gemini

  • Gemini Exchange went live back in 2015 to put that into contact this exchange has been around for a couple of years longer
  • Gemini is not exactly a new kind on the crypto block but what is Gemini best known for well that would be regulatory compliance
  • Gemini actually made regulatory compliance one of their major selling points
  • A finally regulated place to buy, sell, and trade crypto there were a number of other ads ran as well that trumpeted similar benefits
  • Germany is actually owned and operated by the Gemini Exchange trust company LLC, this is a trust that's regulated by the New York State department of financial service having that regulation means that gemini is able to service residence of New York State
  • Something that many other cryptocurrency exchanges have not been able to do the reason why is the most exchanges find just too much of a hassle to comply with New York regulator's capitalization compliance anti money launching consumer
  • Gemini is tremendously popular corporation asset managers and wealth managers those team tend to prefer using platforms the highest level of assurance that their client’s funds are safe
  • Majority of clients funds are stored in offline air-gapped cold storage
  • Some funds need to be held in a hot wallet in order to facilitate withdrawals but even than these funds are insured
  • The exact percentage of used funds held in cold storage is unknown; Gemini Exchange does not publish hard numbers like other exchanges. In terms of cold storage management Gemini uses multi signature wallets
  • Helps to eliminate single points of future and improves the exchange resilience against the loss or compromise of any individual
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